Staff Appreciation

The Oak heights PTA sponsors teacher / staff events to recognize the hard work and care that the teachers and staff bring to our school each and every day.  Teacher / staff appreciation is more than a chance to "thank the teachers for a great job".  These events also help to remind students and parents of the important role teachers and staff play in our lives.  We acknowledge that the well-being of our children depends on staff and teachers!

To express our sincere gratitude to Oak Heights Elementary staff and teachers for their challenging work, Oak Heights Elementary PTA hosts reoccurring luncheons through out the school year. 

Ways you can help:

  • Help make the teachers and staff feel at home at Oak Heights Elementary! 
  • Put your Pinterest Skills to work and help decorate for the luncheons
  • Make something homemade for the staff by volunteering to cook a dish for the luncheons. (Join the Staff Appreciation Committee to find out what is needed)
  • Donate money to help the committee buy food and items needed to host the luncheons
  • Keep the teachers lounge stocked with plastic utensils, paper goods, and items such as coffee, creamer, salt-and-pepper, napkins, etc. 

Staff Appreciation Committee

Become a part of the group of committed parents led by Kim Jantz who make Staff Appreciation luncheons possible.

Sign-up to find out how you can help.

Volunteers are always needed to donate funds or food for the events as well as help set-up and clean-up afterwards. 

To join the Commitee please email Kim Jantz

2018 -2019 Luncheon Schedule